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Asset Management for Families and Governments

Asset Management for Families and Individuals. The Family Office is a key strategy for families and individuals to manage the complexities of managing and building sustainable asset management approaches. Family Offices have become very customized in how they are structured from both a legal manner and investment perspective. We will assist families and individuals in taking a long term and sustainable approach to creating the most suitable type of Family Office and managing it going forward. We also assist in the legal diligence of specific investment opportunities.

Asset Management for Governments – nations, regions and provinces Sovereign Wealth Funds have become a key strategy for governments around the world. The financial sources for these funds are varied but they share a common element of being long term, forward – thinking strategies by their government sponsors to support economic development and sustainable financial resources for the sponsors of these special funds. Creating and managing a sovereign wealth fund requires a combination of leadership and skill in legal and investment sectors in a public – private partnership manner. We assist governments in considering a Sovereign Wealth Fund. We also assist in the legal diligence of specific investment opportunities.

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