The investment markets carry many characteristics of risk and volatility as well as possible returns.  Risk management strategies have emphasized diversification as one of the fundamental ways for investors, family offices and corporations to manage their financial situations.  In the United States asset management market, several trends already are established and are becoming even more important in the present times:

As lawyers who bring the combination of Immigration and Investment Opportunities to our consultations, we at Christophe Law Group would like to suggest the following approach:


Principle Number One:  The “Private Markets” in the United States are just as important as the “Public Markets” for stocks, bonds and mutual funds etc.   Many categories of what are called an “asset class” are not traded on the public markets for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, REITs etc.  Many real estate transactions are completed in the privacy of private transactions that are never publicly advertised.  Many financial assets are now being sold by investment funds of all sizes (from less than $50 million to many billions of dollars).  Investors seek out these private opportunities to diversify away from too much reliance on the publicly traded markets, which can be influenced by computer driven program trading and changes in government policy like raising interest rates too quickly and creating shocks.

Principle Number Two:  Private Market opportunities can be to invest in a business or invest in an asset such as real estate or a financial asset such as a fund.  The practical and wise approach is to develop a network of contacts to be able to learn of opportunities.  It is also important to have experienced advisors in legal, accounting and tax to evaluate opportunities and stay in proper compliance through the whole process.

Principle Number Three:  The Greater New York Metropolitan Region has many of these Private Market opportunities in all sectors of real estate, financial investments and business opportunities.  The location of the business opportunity or investment opportunity or real estate is important for both initial evaluation as well as ongoing monitoring.  As we have pointed out in other articles, the New York Metropolitan Combined Statistical Area has a population of more than 23 million and a GDP that is larger than all but seven nations in the world.  The region has the largest number of foreign born residents in the world and New York City is second only to London in the number of foreign born residents.  The opportunity to work with Private Markets from a New York City home base of operations is a natural first choice strategy.


There are many structures for doing a Private Market transaction, including an LLC, a family office or as a subsidiary of an existing business (USA or offshore business).  All of these have advantages and limitations to be considered on a case by case basis.

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