Christophe Law Group, P.C. has a long successful history of representing immigrants fleeing persecution from their countries of origin.

We have represented thousands of immigrants from countries throughout the globe, including China, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Gambia, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey, El Salvador, Columbia, Guatemala, Zimbabwe and Egypt.

When an immigrant seeks political asylum in the United States, it is usually the first application that sets the course of one’s proceedings and ultimate outcome.

At Christophe Law Group, P.C. our experienced attorneys will take the time to hear your history and ask the questions necessary to illicit all the information necessary to prepare a complete, accurate and compelling case for each client.

In addition, Christophe Law Group, P.C. provides client with detailed evidence letters listing all documents necessary to provide the adjudicator will the corroborating evidence necessary for a successful outcome.

In addition to supporting documents specific to your asylum request, the asylum adjudicator will need current, authoritative, accurate information on present country conditions in your country of origin. We work with clients to ensure that the record in complete with background and country condition evidence which is continuously researched and updated by our staff.

Individuals who are physically present in the United States, regardless of how they arrived and regardless of their current immigration status, may apply for asylum. They do so by submitting an application (I589) to the USCIS, and are interviewed by Asylum Officers.

If an asylum officer does not grant an application for political asylum, most often the applicant is placed in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court. Immigration Judges hear asylum applications in adversarial proceedings. If the applicant is not found eligible for asylum, the IJ determines whether the applicant is eligible for any other forms of relief from removal and, if not, will order the individual removed from the United States.

The attorneys of Christophe Law Group, P.C. assist clients throughout the greater New York and New Jersey area including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken, West New York, Secaucus, North Bergen, Bayonne, Newark, Cliffside Park, Harrison, Edgewood, North Arlington and Rutherford.